5 Little Known Secrets to Crafting a Killer Autoresponder Series

I going to take a wild guess here …

You want the secrets to crafting a killer autoresponder series. You want to write email copy that gets clicked, read, and will leave your readers desperate for more.

The challenge is, if your list associates you with “yuck” because you pitch your product line before you establish trust. You are sailing a sinking ship into the land of spamville, where sales are few and far between.

So what's the formula to writing a winning autoresponder series?

I'm glad you asked … Because I'm about to deliver the goods on five sizzling secrets, you can use today to craft an autoresponder series worthy of reading.

Attention Getting Headlines

Content maybe king, but if your headline bombs who gives a rip. The simple solution to writing autoresponder copy that sizzles is to find out what's already working and model it to your message. Sources like Amazon top sellers, Digg, and even the magazine rack at Walmart are proven places you can gain instant inspiration to write your own attention getting headlines.

Create Challenge Solving Content

When you want to win customer's and influence people instead of wondering why your unsubscribe ratio is so high. Then you really need to consider making content marketing apart of your online strategy. Find out what “your people” want and craft your content around providing them a solution.

Deliver the Goods

Get fixed up with an autoresponder service with reliable deliverability rates. Just don't try to save a few bucks going with the cheapest option out there. Make sure you choose a autoresponder service with a solid track. If you stick with the brand name services, you can rest assured with message will get delivered.

Showcase Your Stuff

Compile your best blog content and plug them into your autoresponder. 5-10 e-mails is a solid start to your first relationship building campaign. When you impress your reader's with the free content you provide, they will be banging down your door (or sales page) begging to buy your premium stuff.

Ditch the Pitch

When you really want to wow your readers, ditch the pitch (at least upfront). This will help prevent your subscriber's getting the “oh-yuck” look when they see your name their inbox.

A steady flow of compelling free content is 500 times better than the constant pitch fest the majority of marketers have the gall to call a newsletter.

Using these time tested e-mail marketing tips will give you a solid start to crafting an autoresponder series that get the click, builds relationships, and can create a solid source of online income for years to come.

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