8 Things to Do BEFORE You Start Selling on Amazon (Tips for New Amazon Sellers)

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Understand the 8 things to do before you begin selling on Amazon & make a Amazon store.

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The first thing to do Before You Begin selling on Amazon: Get an Amazon Pro Merchant Account

Why? Because with an Amazon Pro Merchant Account is a Essential requirement to winning the Purchase Box. Winning this can be crucial as a brand new seller for 2 reasons:

1) Around 80percent of sales are made with the Purchase Box – thus not winning that means you overlook key sales opportunities.

2) When you’re the featured vendor in the Purchase Box the range of reviews you’ve aren’t featured, therefore it usually means that new sellers will not be discriminated against for getting little-to-no testimonials by buyers.

Despite the fact that it costs money compared to starting a free seller accounts, I strongly suggest it since you will earn more money with you.

Second thing to do Before You Begin selling on Amazon: Get the files prepared when searching for an Amazon account

After developing an Amazon account, You’ll Need the following files:

1) Pictures of a federal ID (such as a passport or a drivers license).
2) A bank statement with your address on it.

Before you begin an account, shoot photographs and download your most recent bank statement and upload those records when Amazon asks for them.

Third thing to do before you begin selling on Amazon: Act quickly – DON’T wait!

Amazon is frequently changing their needs. For instance…

* In 2014 they shifted Personal Care to a limited category.
* In 2016 they left it new FBA sellers could not ship in their very first shipment throughout the 4th quarter.
* And in 2017, they changed it so you want to upload evidence of ID files during the account creation procedure.

The earlier you begin, the easier it’ll be.

The first thing to do Before You Begin selling on Amazon: Select your Amazon company model

There are lots of sorts of business models to pursue if launching your Amazon shop (private tagging, wholesale selling, dropshipping & Cellular arbitrage). Before you start your Amazon company, you have to select the perfect one which fulfills your skillset and accessibility to resources.

By way of instance, private tagging has the benefit of being very hands-off. Nonetheless, it needs a large upfront investment. Even though a dropshipping company takes time to handle, but it needs a whole lot less cash to begin. Weigh the pros & cons.

Fifth Issue to do Before You Begin selling on Amazonfor a credit card (or even a debit card)

When you market on Amazon you have to pay advertising fees. To cover these, Amazon needs you have a credit card or a debit card. You can’t use a Payoneer card or a prepaid debit card. If you do not have this, then think about opening an Aliexpress dropshipping shop in your own site.

Sixth thing to do Before You Begin selling on Amazon: Figure out a strategy to Handle your cash flow

Do not hesitate by the term”cash flow” All we mean is that you want to get a strategy for how you will cover the things you’re likely to sell. Why? Since Amazon retains your money for two months as a new vendor. This implies:

1) If you are dropshipping, you have to have cash to use in the meantime to purchase the items that the customer has bought.

2) If you are private labeling, it is wise to get money put aside to substitute stock in case your product becomes super-successful super-fast.

As you could save hundreds to tens of thousands of bucks, the simplest way to handle this is with a credit card. If you do not have a credit card then I suggest working on your credit rating and which makes it a priority to get a single.

Seventh thing to do Before You Begin selling on Amazon: Check if the class you want to market in is limited

Some thing categories on Amazon are unrestricted (ungated classes ) and you’re able to sell inside them without submitting a program (e.g. house & gardening). However, some categories are limited (gated classes ). Some categories are extremely simple to acquire unrestricted in (like accessories & clothing ) but a few are harder (e.g. supermarket & food ). Make sure you check before getting started.

Eighth matter to do before you begin advertising on Amazon: Set aside time every day/week to manage/grow your own Amazon company.

Ensure that you set aside time every day to satisfy orders & response emails/questions. And put aside time every week to cultivate your organization. For many this is going to be functioning on weekends. Doing so could be hard: But it is a right of passage that many business owners undergo. So don’t get frustrated: The benefits are worth!

Want To Learn How To Sell On Amazon?

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