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Hey Everyone!

In today’s video, we have Greg Mercer, the CEO of JungleScout on with us! As most of you know I’m a huge Jungle Scout fanboy and when I was told there’s a new feature coming out FOR FREE! I had to have him on to talk about it.

Yes, you heard that right. There’s a new feature for JungleScout called the supplier database. It’s going to give you more freedom and allows you to stop relying solely on Alibaba to source your products.

Essentially, what Greg and his team at JungleScout did was take all the import records of shipments coming into the US and sorted it for us so we can see exactly WHO and WHAT is being imported into the Amazon warehouses…

I know that might not make too much sense now but make sure to watch Greg explain it better.


You can now source from anywhere around the world and find the greatest and most trustworthy suppliers with 1 simple search on the Jungle Scout Supplier Database!

Some of the cool things about it:

1. It’s FREE and Included with your JungleScout Web App subscription! (Similar services to this one cost $500 per month and do a fraction of what the supplier database does!)

2. You can use it to find you’re competitions suppliers and start sourcing the high-quality products your competition are selling!

3. You can use it to find incredibly trustworthy suppliers because you are able to see exactly how many imports they’ve done into the US! (if there are none, that might be a red flag… while if they have dozens it might be a great option!)

4. You can know if your company is the #1 buyer for a supplier and that way you can negotiate a better price with them (since you’re one of their biggest customers)

5. You can tell if a supplier is a manufacturer or just a trading company and therefore cut out any hidden middlemen to get the lowest price possible!

+ Much much more!

I’m excited about this and am going to have many more videos out about it!

Talk Soon,


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