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I am Shimmy Morris, I am now 22 Years old and I have been promoting because I had been around 12.
I began by selling in School, meals, drinks, etc… I moved on to eBay. I sold on eBay a lot until I was around 16, I do it sometimes. Throughout this time I did lots of photography jobs along with other small jobs here and there. Then I went overseas to study for 6 weeks and after coming back I put up my first business. At age 18. I marketed $70,000 value of t-shirts at a really brief space of time on Teespring after which I made a decision to proceed to Amazon FBA. I really do Coaching/consulting at Amazon FBA, I’ve many lessons, my primary one being my Amazon FBA class. In addition, I do a little bit of photography and videography on the side like I absolutely adore that!
I’ve done other things in between these larger landmarks also, but I feel as if I am boring you today. Thus, subscribe to my own station, have a look at a few of the movies and remember to leave a comment so that I could learn about you also.

100 Day Challenge!
So… I am trying the 100 day battle thing and to be truthful I am not doing this bad. I am surprised I am still moving! LOL. But I am enjoying it and I hope you are enjoying my movies.

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Want To Learn How To Sell On Amazon?

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