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Wondering if it’s possible to produce a profit on Amazon, even when you need to pay the Amazon Selling prices? The brief answer is yes: It was. However, before you record your items up for sale, then you want to understand what fees you are going to have to pay and how much they will cost you.

Here’s the calculator used from the movie:

Please note: These are the charges that you pay if you meet the purchase yourself (like through dropshipping( or sending the product to the client ). If you’re using the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment from Amazon) you’ll have different expenses.

Amazon Transaction Fee

Unlike eBay, not one of those Amazon Selling prices ask that you pay anything when you record a product: However when you sell a product, you need to then cover. The first is that the Transaction Fee. This costs $0. 99. That is a flat fee together with all things: It is irrelevant if you’re selling a giant mattress or selling a very small necklace.

The exception for this is when you’ve got a Professional Seller Account. If you do, then you’re billed a flat $39. 99 fee every month. This frees you to not have to pay transaction fees on items that you sell. If you’re promoting over 40 things every month, you need to update your account to this to save cash.

Amazon Commission Fee

This is actually the second about the Amazon Selling prices. For each and every thing you sell, you will need to pay an Amazon Commission Fee. This is going to be anywhere between 6-45% based on the class. Most items will drop over 8-15%. This is exercised on the entire value of your product — that is excluding transport. It will however include gift wrap if chosen by the client.

There are a number of sneaky items which charge over 15percent which you have to look out for. These high commission prices imply these products are more difficult to gain from, so you should think twice before you sell these products on Amazon:

1) Sports & entertainment arenas which sell for $100 (INCLUDING transport ) draw a 20percent commission fee.

2) Jewelry includes a 20percent commission fee.

3) Items from the”Independent Design” class have a 25percent commission fee.

4) And accessories such as Amazon products possess a shocking 45percent commission fee. So think again before you consider starting a stereo accessory empire.

Amazon Closing Fee

Along with the closing of this Amazon Selling prices is your Amazon Closing Fee. This may either be a variable or fixed fee based on the Kind of product it is:

Music, DVDs, software, computer games, video games, video games, video game consoles & videos all have a fixed $1. 35 final fee. In the event the purchaser is global you do not need to pay this, which can be fine and assists vendors cushion the price of global shipping.

For everything else you cover dependent on the sort of shipping chosen by the client along with the burden. This is just how much you cover:

Domestic Average Shipping: $0. 45 + $0. 05/pounds
Domestic Expedited Shipping: $0. 65 + $0. 10/pounds
International Shipping: No charge

But bear in mind: While these might look like expensive Amazon advertising fees, they’re now fairly cheap as Amazon refunds you a part of it via their Shipping Credit deal.

Is it possible to generate a profit on Amazon, even though paying all these Amazon advertising fees? Absolutely! Should you find items which have a high need, but very low vendor provide, you are able to list things for costs that leave a great deal of room for gain, particularly as a result of this Shipping Credit. We show one thing within our free ebook,”How to Generate $10,000 a Month by Dropshipping” — download it :

Want To Learn How To Sell On Amazon?

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