Banner Ads – The Previous Or the Future of Online Marketing?

Are Banner ads the past or the future of Web marketing? I think that they are in truth both, if we check out the effectiveness of marketing. It is a fact that the ordinary Web web browser invests simply 15 secs on each new web page prior to clicking bent on a new destination.

If we emphasize that for some time it appears that it will certainly be essential to capture as well as hold their interest almost right away as well as what much better way than wa well developed and also dramatic banner ad. In my very own experience with Google AdSense I really see around 80% or more of the website traffic that clicks on marketing do so on the banner promotions.

The tendency for individuals to do this is the practice of checking out the top component of the page and also the left margin first and to then scan the rest of the page prior to clicking out. Lots of people once more over 80% never go down listed below the layer (the component of the web page that needs to be scrolled to in order to read).

It is a reality that the Social network Sites, in certain Facebook, is starting to drag visitors far from the conventional search engines and in act to provide lots of new advertising chances. In this feeling the banner ad may be killed, as Facebook confines promotions to the right-hand man margin. This does not nonetheless preclude us from making use of the banner advertisement on a touchdown web page following a redirect, and also it might well be that the function of the banner promotion might change somewhat.

The original idea being to catch the interest right away on reaching our landing page and also this will certainly not alter, the new possibilities provided by potter’s wheels and also pop overs might have an influence. However many individuals protest pop overs as well as ups which might result in their demise so I have a tendency to think that the well designed banner ad will always belong and also actually might well be the future for contemporary Internet Marketing experts.

I would want what you think as a viewers as well as would welcome any type of comments that you may have either here or on one of my blog sites. Are Banner Advertisements the Past Or the Future of Online Marketing?


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