Could Affiliate Marketing Be Profitable?

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Affiliate marketer Shawn Collins of answers a question regarding if there’s still money to be produced affiliate marketing.

Q: having an average CTR of 1.5percent and a fantastic conversion rate being approximately 2% I want to drive crazy traffic to a website in order for it to be more profitabel, so it sounds. Obviously,”mad” traffic is your target, but realistically speaking, how challenging would be to create affiliate marketing a rewarding venture. I read that 39.9percent of affiliate marketers gain less than $5,000annually. It surely depends upon the individual, but I’d still like to understand some fair and realistic figures which are hype-free. Thanks!

A: I am not certain of the origin of this 39.9% figure, however at the AffStat 2014 poll we conducted and released this past year, the nearest data point we had was 46percent of affiliate marketers made less than $20,000 the preceding calendar year. That info was compiled from surveys with over 1,800 affiliates.

Nevertheless, it is certainly common for many affiliates to create little to no money in their efforts, because of many different factors, such as too little time spent, or a website that actually does not offer value.

Some things which will play a part in your success or failure comprise…

– your niche or topic
– the system or technology used to monitor and report, and chances you may get got commission (I’ve got a prejudice against in-house monitoring )
– goods or services being advertised, as commissions and conversions vary greatly
– target market, which could dictate the amount of disposable earnings
– that the average order value (AOV) of all the Services or Products You’re promoting
– the contest and Degree of saturation in the Market
– the destination of the traffic: homepage, profound links
– the inventive being utilized
– the resources and support in the affiliate system, which may be intellect on best sellers

Hopefully this will help you get some clarity in your own query.

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Want To Learn How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

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