ClickFunnels: How to Insert a Navigation Bar With Page Links (Choice 3)

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The Way to incorporate navigation bar (alternative 3): 0:54

Assessing the navigation bar page scroll: 4:02

The Way to add a navigation bar with navigation component:

The Way to add a navigation bar with buttons:

The Way to Bring a VERTICAL navigation bar with custom CSS (That I supply you for one to simply copy and paste):

The Way to Bring a HORIZONTAL navigation bar with custom CSS (That I supply you for one to simply copy and paste):
Hey all!

In this videoI show you how you may add a navigation bar with webpage links employing a third choice available in the disposal – just placing in text and incorporating links to them. This really permits you to personalize your menu bars a little bit more because you are able to divide your voice from dashes, slashes, etc.. . And have as many words in a line as you need that could fit in that specific line.

The same as in the last movies, you can place these navigation menus anywhere on your webpage – they do not need to only be in the top. You can essentially write any text that you need with the headline sub-headline component and highlight text and insert the hyperlink to it.

In case you’ve got a web site, you can simply add the URL in this region to take people straight to this page. In reference to privacy policy, disclosure, and conditions of usage, I produce another ClickFunnels page measure in that funnel then place that URL in the hyperlink place.

If you’d like the text into SCROLL to a certain place in your webpage, you’d first have to name the segments of your webpage you would like to scroll down to. You need to name them the way that you can write them in the future, which means in the event that you write the name in all capital letters, then you need to make your name in all caps.

Once you name all of your segments, you are able to compose the words’#scroll-YOUR SECTION NAME HERE’ and by clicking on this word or phrases, folks are going to have the ability to scroll to this specific part of your webpage. Spaces are permitted.

That is it!

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Thank you for viewing, and I will see you at another movie!

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  1. Could you, please, help me with sth? I want to add navigation bars that will lead to a new page.
    It will look like a menu at the top ant when you click "About me" it will show you a new page with my short biography.
    How can I do that? Any suggestions? I watched your video and I know how to add link. But how to create that page with the same template and the same url as the whole page (for example I click "about me" and the new page I see is Should I create a new step? I really dont know

  2. Thanks for the easy to understand videos. Very helpful.

    Question: I've watched your video on adding custom code to make elements transparent. Makes sense. I'm trying to add custom code to make the submit order button disabled until a terms/cond chkbx is clicked, but can't figure this out. I have code (see below) that will hide the button until the chkbx is clicked, but I would like the button to be disabled so it's visible to the customer just not "active" until the checkbox is clicked.

    Seems like it wouldn't be too much to disable it vs. hide/reappear.
    This is the code I have now that will make the button re-appear. I have it added in a custom JS/HTML element.
    <div class="checkbox">
    <label><span id="clicker"><input type="checkbox" name="custom_type"data-custom-type="agree" value="agree_tc"></span> I confirm that I have reviewed and agree to the <a href="" target="_blank">Terms and Conditions (click to view/print/save)</a> of this website. </label>
    <script type="text/javascript">

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. the default colors don't match the branding and design theme for my site. how do you change the color of the links, and color of links already clicked? can you add mouse over "hover" effects to these types links?

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