ClickFunnels: The Way to Insert Transparency and Hover Effects (Utilizing Custom CSS)

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What hover effects seem like: 0:19

The Way to alter transparency: two:38

The Way to add hover effects: 4:16

What issue is If You’re inserting 1 image in 1 column (providing alternative from another video roughly margins): 7:14

You may use this CSS understanding on almost any platform which supports custom CSS – not just ClickFunnels or affiliate marketing.

Hey all!

In our past videos, We’ve added custom colours to our text from ClickFunnels:

Altered text size:

And additional a strikethrough text

In this movie, I wished to explain to you how it is possible to use custom CSS code to add opacity (transparency), in addition to create amazing hovering effects which makes it possible for the picture to change transparency level while hovering over it using the mouse! These are amazing tools which are remarkably well known in affiliate marketing and actually sets you apart from the audience, particularly since they aren’t as simple as the remainder of the ClickFunnels tools.

So to do so, you’d essentially need to select whatever component you wish to produce the opacity result for – it may be text, picture, headline, WHATEVER! That is the best thing about it this foil technique utilizing custom CSS doesn’t discriminate!

Once you decide on the product, click on the small gear icon and at the bottom left click on the’habit CSS’ tab. You have to replicate that label ID as that’s the custom CSS component identifier and when we would like to do any alterations to this component, we must be aware of what the component ID is.

Once we do this, we will need to visit the’habit CSS’ tab on the left (if utilizing editor variant 2 at ClickFunnels, or shirt under’settings’ or even ) and paste that component ID we’ve just replicated. We then must add brace brackets (change click on the button to the right of P if using a PC) and make the control we need. In cases like this, we will need to bring a control for adding opacity, thus we will need to state”opacity:xx” and input some value to opacity you desire. 1 being the very obvious, and 0 being entirely imperceptible. We then shut that prop mount and that is it, we’ve completed transparency!

However, we also must create a hovering effect, therefore what we have to do is simply copy the specific code you’ve just completed forming inside the custom CSS area, and glue it just below. Then, right after your component ID, then we must compose’:hover’, which provides the control to make a particular design upon hovering on that component. We then alter our opacity again and make it all we need it to be if that component is hovered over.

That is it!

Please register and stay tuned for future movies where move over the specialized how-to’s or dig deeper to other affiliate marketing tools!

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Thank you for watching, and I will see you in another movie!

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  1. Great videos. I need your help. For mobile, I am have a page with a number of menu items. For desktop and tablet the menu bar is no problem. However, I am trying to come up with a user friendly way to have several menu items on mobile device. Was hoping to have a “menu” icon and then pop it up from there. Can’t find anything to do this. If you could point the way, would be appreciated.

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