ClickFunnels: How to Change Text Colour (More Choice )

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If you understand HTML coding and need to change font colour: 1:42

The Way to change font color to any shade you need: two:20

Difference between Editor Version 2 and 1: 7:59

Welcome everyone!

So yes, I’d create a previous briefer and much easier video about the best way best to change font colour on ClickFunnels ( however the issue is that under that strategy, you can only either a ) change font colour to just TWO colours, or B) you can just select from an unpleasant choice of colours in text editor.

Well, this movie makes it possible to resolve that issue!

If you understand HTML code, then simply visit the html section of text editor, and then make your changes . You do not have to see this movie to understand how to change text size, colour, or other attributes and can just continue with your affiliate marketing!

But if you know NOTHING about programming or HTML code for example me, keep watching! I try to describe and demonstrate the way you can use HTML code to personalize your text at a really easy way.

Fundamentally I start off by highlighting the text from ClickFunnels text editor I see needs colour shifting, then enter HTML editor and set in the new colour code of the color I need my text to be. I use Photoshop to choose my colour, but you can definitely use any applications that provides you a code of the colour you want, like PowerPoint, or perhaps ClickFunnels itself in any colour selection tool!

Once I pick my colour, I simply copy the code, and then paste it to the HTML place designated for colour coding at the ClickFunnels text editor. You may either use the code , followed by the # sign, or plug into the numerical values to the place, for example rbg (255, 214, 37) for instance. The precise code or number combination is going to be offered to you in Photoshop or even PowerPoint.

The best thing about this is you are able to correct each and every word for another colour, which is something which can’t be performed under the standard’headline’ alternative, or has very limited colours in the’text editor’.

I hope this helped you out!

Please register and stay tuned for future movies where move over the specialized how-to’s or dig deeper to other affiliate marketing tools!

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Thank you for viewing, and I will see you in another movie!

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