ClickFunnels: How to Produce a Contact/Feedback Type

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Hey all!

In this videoI show you how you can make a touch us/feedback form in your ClickFunnels account.

It is a really simple thing to do and all you want to do is include the’input type’ and’text area’ components to need your audiences to input their important contact information along with the remarks they wish to share.

From the’input ‘ area, you can select what private detail about your customers you need your customers to have to enter, while it’s title, address, contact number, email, etc.. .

There are a whole lot of alternatives out there for you to select from, and if you discover you wish to add something not on the listing, you may add the’custom type’ choice and add whatever query you prefer.

It is also possible to customize these areas to look how you want them to from the’advanced options’ and’topics’ tab of the exact same element. These can allow you to correct how in which the input field appears itself in addition to the customization and size of these letters within those areas.

The’text area’ field allows the customers to enter any guide text that they need in there. This is the region where they’ll type in their opinions or comments to your’contact us’ form.

Following your visitors fill this info, you can get everything from the ClickFunnels contacts listing.

If you would rather get an email after somebody inputs all these areas in, have a look at my previous video on this in which I show you how you can incorporate Zapier using ClickFunnels in order to do exactly that.

Remember that if an individual employs the specific same email to finish the form many times, you may only see these details out of the very first petition – all of the other instances the form has been filled won’t be shown for you so you might choose to be certain to add some announcement under the validate button to let folks know to not ship in a number of questions/comments using the identical email.

Additionally, there’s absolutely no instantaneous confirmation after somebody fills in the fields and clicks on the validate button.

For this reason, you have to be certain that you redirect the traffic to a thank you page once they are finished, or to another site. Just inform them that their petition was processed and they ought to be given a reply for their comment/feedback/question soon.

That is it!

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