ClickFunnels: Creating Your Website Mobile-Friendly

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Why We Must create our website portable responsive: 0:25

Speedy way I use to create my website mobile responsive: two:36

Yet Another thing to think about: 10:54

Hey all!

In this movie, I show you a fast method I use to create my ClickFunnels website mobile responsive.

These days, there’s a good deal of traffic coming largely through mobile devices, also when your page isn’t optimized for this… you are missing out a whole lot!

When I realized that I could create my ClickFunnels webpage mobile-responsive, I had been happy. But that also meant I needed to do a whole lot of work about the desktop version AND the cellular edition, and whatever I shifted on the mobile variation would influence my desktop version too. I had to choose 1 component at a time to make certain that specific component would look great in either variation. But that caused a great deal of frustration and confusion.

So insteadI made life simpler by just cloning each and every part I had in my own funnel and creating one segment’desktop just’ and another one’mobile only’. In this manner, I managed to produce certain adjustments to variation without affecting another!

From the movie, I discuss the particular changes I made just in cellular perspective, like padding, font size, or CSS coding. If you replicate a segment and make the 2nd version cellphone just, you’ll also have to make another CSS code to another edition. This is a great thing as you don’t need to meddle in your CSS code also much because a few changes might appear good in background perspective, but others might just look great in cellular.

Additionally, you might choose to play it safe and assess your cellular perspective in various browsers. In our case where I utilized Chrome, everything seemed fine until I moved into Internet Edge and found the cellular view there was somewhat skewed. This might also signify your cellular view to your users could be skewed too… so I’d open up this browser ‘edit’ mode and edit what there too.

That is it!

Please register and stay tuned for future movies at which we discuss the specialized how-to and dig deeper to other affiliate marketing tools!

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Thank you for viewing, and I will see you at another movie!

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  1. I've got an issue I'm hoping you can fix with your expertise…

    My page looks great in mobile in ClickFunnels and when I squish it in my desktop browser; however, when I look on a mobile device (iPhone or Samsung tablet) it doesn't show the mobile view. It just shows the desktop view scaled down.

    Is there some setting I'm missing here?

    Thank you for your help!

  2. Hello Eric:

    Do you have a software that can check between the website and the mobile view would like? Or is this clickfunnel already provide both views?

    Thanks for your sharing in this video.


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