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As documenting this movie, I heard that Clickfunnnels was providing free accessibility to my membership material to associates that were not paying, costing me hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars each month!!!!

Ever since that time, I’ve moved my ClickFunnels membership website from ClickFunnels into a new platform… And I don’t advocate Clickfunnels for membership websites !

If You Would like to understand where I transferred my membership website to, see this movie:

Clickfunnels Membership Website Examples. Get a free 14 day trial of Clickfunnels here:

My Clickfunnels membership website is covered in detail in this video. You may see the member-facing facet of Clickfunnels along with the dashboard/admin facet of this membership website, too.

We’ll do a complete clickfunnels membership website review here although this is not a whole clickfunnels review.

This is only because Clickfunnels can do much more than just membership websites although in this case, we’re really taking a look at the members area part of the program.

You get to find out exactly what I enjoy most about Clickfunnels membership websites… Along with the challenges I have discovered with my membership website on Clickfunnels.

Based on if you’ve got a small membership plan or a membership website with countless deliverables are the vital element on if you select Clickfunnels or maybe not.

Smaller membership websites are fantastic for Clickfunnels as an all in 1 solution.

For bigger membership websites… Like mine covered in this movie, Clickfunnels might not be the ideal alternative because of some constraints in the membership locations.

If You Would like to learn more about the membership funnel I cite from the movie, go here:

Wish to find out about Mike Dillard’s List Grow class I cite… Go here:

Want to find another means to utilize clickfunnels to set up front of your connection in 30 minutes? ) Go here:

I reveal how to make an affiliate marketing funnel in this movie, but the procedure is quite similar to make your membership funnel in Clickfunnels.

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  1. Thanks for the review, very helpful. I am thinking clickfunnels could be good for starting out with members site? I have my website on weebly, not sure I want to rebuild in wordpress just yet 🤔

  2. I want to build an online Videos course and sell it. I was thinking of getting Clickfunnels to make my sales funnels. How could I use the Membership feature to deliver this Video course?? Or would I have to host my course using another platform like "Teachable" ?

  3. Thanks a lot Miles, I'm watching a number of your videos. Very helpful! I'm using ClickFunnels (after the old Kajabi, Coaches Console) for front-end and smaller courses, Get Response (good call-in assistance), also a WP site in Optimize Press and Optimize Member, but interested in your solution…

  4. Miles – just jumped into your angel funnel to get a feel for what the pages look like…is there any specific details (i.e. – length of video, story sequence, white background black font, etc) to the opt-in video that you find works best…or details that should be avoided??

  5. Your solution could you just create a blank funnel on that blank create your lesson page, then send it to this page, add your new site, and so on, each blank site you add it gives you a new web address

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