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“Have You Ever Told Stuck Selling Online…

Funnels Not Making Money Or Technology Too Hard?”

FROM: FunnelRebel
SUBJECT: ClickFunnels Users

Have you ever felt stuck selling on the internet?

You understand what I”m referring to. You want to have that laptop life which you see others using. .

You find the vision…
You know you want a sales funnel…
Therefore, you get ClickFunnels!

And then…

You are STUCK!

You spend hundreds of hours on a landing page template.

You make it seem nice.

Perhaps it matches your site today.

You wish to get your message into the entire world. However, you can not get your SMTP supplier to sync.

Your domain name is trapped and you reach out thus ClickFunnels however they do not have a customer support telephone number.

And things which you believe ought to be quite so easy. . .things which should just require a couple minutes…

Somehow you’re chained to your desk times. . .and subsequently weeks.

Each passing day, your fire begins to fade.

Money appears to be heading down the drain. . .you have 12 half baked funnels and none of these have left you some money.

You begin to wonder if other men and women are actually selling online or if they’re only selling a class on the best way best to market online.

Well, I am here to tell you that folks really do sell online and the majority of them took a very long time to work out how to make everything work.

You do not have enough time. . .so…

I Would like to introduce one to the FastTrack to Mastering Funnels.

A proven system that can sift through all of the needless information out there directly to the main point.

FastTrack into Mastering Funnels was made so you could really concentrate on what is critical.

Leave the waste from…

Get your initial funnel up FAST. Get it which makes you money.

Subsequently RINSE and REPEAT.

If it’s possible to create your initial $10, you can make $10,000. . .and more.

Let Me Show You The Way It Works:

★☆★Measure #1: Visit my facebook page and remark”I Need Free Coaching!”

★☆★Measure #2: Visit my site and fill out the 20 next program to determine if you qualify for Free Coaching:

What is the catch? There’s not any catch. I am simply taking on a couple of select customers each month so proceed fast to see whether you qualify. It is simple.

(Update. . .if you have filled out a program I am sifting through them today…I have been overwhelmed with the answer )

★☆★Measure #3: Come back to my live coaching/training each Thursday evening.

Click Here To Try Clickfunnels For 100% Free

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  1. Hi Funnel Rebel, I've been trying to link of order cofirmation link on my email to my buyers but have been unsuccessful. I've tried #ORDER_CONFIRMATION_PAGE# in all ways like you taught but it still not working. How do I get the actual order (of what the buyers bought) on their confirmation email as a link? Please help!

  2. Can I ask you how did you manage to put "purchase dates" next to previous orders?

    I realised that you made purchases in your funnel. In the past, and it showed dates when you purchased (Tue, July 11)

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