ClickFunnels Strategy Review | How To Generate Thousands Of Dollars Using This Simple Plan

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ClickFunnels Strategy Review | The Way Affiliates Make Thousands of Dollars Each Day Using This Very Simple Strategy

In this tutorial, I’ll show you a very simple strategy that co creator of ClickFunnels, Russel Brunson, educated me that essentially uses very few straightforward tools to hack your way to getting a lot of quality visitors to your landing page. This hack/strategy is used by tens of thousands of individuals to create tens of thousands of dollars in commissions.

That is my very first YouTube movie ever and was somewhat nervous so excuse when I had been talking a little too quickly sometimes. Should you will need some re-explanations texture free to contact me or comment below. Please like my movie and subscribe! Will indicate that a good deal! I will subscribe !

Links for resources used in this Tutorial

– ClickFunnels FREE 14 Day Free Trial :

– SimilarWeb:

– ClickBank :

– Fiverr:

– 20DollarBanners:

Why Should You Use ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels will save thousands of dollars each month as it replaces numerous essential tools and services which formerly were demanded in this industry like autoresponders, painters, developers, analytics, split a/b analyzing, affiliate programs, tens of thousands of funnels, simple funnel production platform, and even more! This is a really strong platform and I recommend you opt in to your free 14 afternoon free trial)

Again in the event that you need ANY help implementing this approach I’m here to answer any queries or concerns regarding the best of my skill. This isn’t guaranteed to supply you with commissions, but it’s logically an incredibly highly effective strategy which makes sense and works for thousands of different folks including myself.

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If you would like to see the entire training movie Russell Brunson gifts, you can observe another movie I submitted with the entire presentation. It’s a very long video but really very well worth it. .

Also take a look at my site to get a chance regarding the way it is possible to opt into a system which makes it possible to generate income from several sources of income such as ClickFunnels, GetResponse, and much more all from boosting just 1 program. It’s fairly an wonderful chance, take a look!

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Hope you loved and comment and enjoy!

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  1. For everyone asking why not link directly to the offer, there are 2 possible scenarios here:

    1. Eyal, simply has this video here to make commissions from Click Funnels etc (nothing wrong with that). or

    2. (As this method is valid in it's construction) He's missing out the part where he adds a retargetting pixel to that landing page giving him the opportunity to not only follow up with retargetting ads, but also build big retargetting lists in the diet niche (in this case) to sell other diet offers.

    so in a nutshell this is a good method for making good affiliate commissions whilst building valuable retargeting lists.

    Also remember you don't have to sell the affiliate offer.

    If you have a similar offer in the diet space. Use this method to hijack that traffic into your own offer.

    Hope this helps


  2. Hey everyone ! Wow I haven't seen this video in quite some time. I stopped doing clickfunnels / affiliate work just due to being impatient. This is still a great strategy in making some huge commissions but unfortunately some of these websites are very saturated and a lot of the times the owners of these popular websites are putting their own affiliate ads on their own website. So many times these websites will not even offer you an ad spot without paying a lot of money and even then not all the time.

    Nonetheless I still suggest you use the tools in this video. I have not made a single commission off this video FYI 🙁 . Yeah the purpose was to make commission but also to share a simple strategy I thought was pretty neat.

    I'm surprised that this video has been getting moderate activity to begin with. Thank you all for watching , hope this helped a bit. Good luck!

    For anyone in need of student loan help please let me know. This is my new business expertise. If you need help on what resolutions are out there in regards to student loan debt I am sure I can direct you to the best option available when it comes to resolving your student loan debt .

  3. I'm new to landing pages and squeeze pages. Can someone please explain why Leadpages or Clickfunnel is needed. Can't you just manually building your Landing pages and squeeze pages?

  4. This makes no sense to me. If I had a website that waas pushing 23% of the sales to an affiliate program like that, WHY on earth would I accept $1000-$2000 for an ad of the same caliber, if I'm making more than that promoting the affiliate program myself? That seems backwards. Am I missing something?

  5. I see many people complaining that clickfunnel is so expensive, is not that expensive as you think, it depend on your budget you can get $19 monthly plan it is call sharefunnel, you can create 3 funnel or landing page, that is the best for me because it give me opportunity to build many funnel as I want, if you need help on getting in let me know, and also the strategy here is great

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