ClickFunnels: What’re Clickpops and How to Use Them

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What’s a clickpop? : 0:05

The Way to Acquire the clickpop code: 1:15

Things to do with all the clickpop code and part to place in which: 3:05

Hey all!

In this video, I show you how you can use this ClickFunnels clickpop. It is basically another popup which you could use either on a ClickFunnels webpage or any page you desire! You’d simply need to choose ANY webpage that you would like popup, then click ‘clickpop’ from the settings.

This is a helpful tool if you would like to have more than one popup on your own ClickFunnels webpage or you desire a far more notable popup which will fill the entire page or gray out the whole background so the focus goes to the popup.

How you’d do this is catch the clickpop code in the’publishing’ alternative bar on the webpage that you need to utilize as a popup. I’d use a notepad for this and simply copy and paste the whole code in there, but separate 2 segments, everything following the’script’ and prior to the’script’ needs to be different from the first segment. This is the reason the first portion of the code will be for the true popup URL and some other flaws or’on mouse exit’ controls, whereas the second element is that the real code that’s essential to produce the popup properly look.

The other two choices you have when choosing your clickpop code would be that the time delay in minutes and also the’on mouse exit’ attribute. This will let you ascertain if you want the popup to look x number of seconds after the page loads or have it pop up since the consumer is going to leave the webpage. You may also enter the customized link text and the picture. For the text, then that isn’t essential because we could simply input our URL to any text and hyperlink it to demonstrate that the popup when clicked. For the picture nonetheless, I would advise pasting the true URL of this clickpop webpage rather than utilizing the feature accessible clickpops since then you’ll also have to utilize some HTML to centre the picture and adjust it’s size, which is a hassle.

But once you replicate the ClickFunnels clickpop code, then you can visit any page you wish to and insert this code in the footer part of the webpage. So the whole code that we replicated should be glued here. But if you load the page, the popup should display based upon the time delay or’depart mouse’ feature you’ve chosen.

But if you would like the clickpop to appear after clicking any text or button, you would have to replicate only the first URL you see from the code we replicated form the initial part – that the one beginning with’https’ and finish with the apostrophe. It is possible to replicate that clickpop URL and paste it into anything text or button that you need it related to so you clickpop will reveal!

That is it!

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  1. When you add the link of a CLICKPOP page into the OUTCOMES redirect area it doesn't function correctly. It takes you completely off the page you're on instead of doing a popup. Added the proper <script> in the footer prior. Looks like ClickFunnels has work to do and for now we're stuck with one popup (their standard single popup). It would be nice to customize the popups based on the answers.

  2. Hi Ivan! Thank you for posting this video and the next video you did on making surveys with the different outcomes, I liked your fruit examples! I had also noticed there are always mango smoothies in restuarants!

    Can I please ask for your advice – in my survey funnel I have 2 different result pages & I cannot work out how to get the user to land on the correct result page whilst retaining their answers & collect their email address. Any advice you might have would be appreciated!

    Do I need to have 2 clickpops, 1 for each result page? I currently have the collect email address form visible throughout the survey & I would prefer to avoid that if it's possible. Thank you in advance (I feel really cheeky asking for help but I have exhausted google already and there's nothing on the clickfunnels help pages related to my situation)

  3. hi ivan, i set it triggered on mouse exit pop, but still it pop up after few seconds..any clue about that?? …and what do i need to do once someone has opt in on that "click pop" can i just maintain them without leaving the page? or i need to add another funnel steps to "Thank you page" ?

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