ClickFunnels: What’s A/B (Split) Testing and How to Set It Up

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What’s A/B or split testing? : 0:20

The Way to Make 2nd page version: 0:50


The Way to save page as template and start in fresh funnel: two:30

The way to split test all webpages (esp. If more than two ) with a single connection: 4:33

You may also CLICK THE’CLONE FUNNEL’ button after visiting your own funnel and clicking’configurations’.

Welcome back! In our previous article, I explained what ClickFunnels is for all those of you just joining, but before that we spoke briefly about the 3 approaches to change size.

But any alterations we create will be useless if your landing page isn’t getting you results, and also the perfect way to get results is using… A/B testing!

I will jump in to let you know exactly what A/B analyzing, or divide testing is, and how it is possible to set this up on your own. If you would like to jump in front of this match and find out how to set up split testing in ClickMagick, feel free to achieve that.

Split testing is a method which you may test your webpages in ClickFunnels and decide which pages are best for conversions, so employing those pages rather than those which are least successful. It’s like revealing a couple new presents for your mom, and moving around asking your buddies to determine which they like best. The one they enjoy the best that you will present your mom with!

Except that this illustration is more likely to comment mistakes, whereas divide testing using funnels is based from actual math – one page will convert and the other won’t.

So let us set up our initial variant landing page: Read this article if you would like to see how we produce our very first landing page from scratch ClickFunnels.

1) Log into ClickFunnels.

2) Click ‘navigate funnels’ on top from the’funnels’ drop-down menu.

3) Select the funnel you would like to check, and click on’edit’.

4) Click ‘Create Version’, which would be to the right of your current page to get that funnel.

You’ve now created your next testing webpage.

At the center of these 2 pages, you might have discovered a new option was added – one which permits you to ascertain what percent of the time that you want visitors to proceed to exactly what landing page when clicking on your connection.

Produce whatever modifications you need on your next page, like perhaps adding new images, or deleting specific elements which you believe may MAYBE have a negative impact on your results.

Then scroll the cursor to whatever percent you need visitors to land on a single page versus another. Therefore, in the event that you would like people to property on both pages equally, scroll the cursor to 50percent -50%, and then click’save changes’.

You’re now all set with these two test pages! Based on the outcomes, and page makes you more conversions, then you’d want to create THAT winning webpage your primary webpage, and then delete the other person. Then simply repeat the procedure over and over again till you’ve got a 100% conversion speed!!

Now in the event that you would like to try out over two pages at one time, you may need to set up a fresh funnel, create your theme exactly the same as the very first principal page we’ve edited, and then repeat the procedure.

I explain how to bring the 2 links you currently have on ClickFunnels to ClickMagick in this informative article, but for the time being you need to be able to own all these pages available and prepared to run at a minute’s notice!

To preserve your page for a template, follow these steps:

1) Click’edit’ on the webpage that you would like to store as template.

2) Click on’preferences’ from the top-right corner of the page.

3) Click on the underside choice that says’save page as template’.

You should have that specific page stored as template so you can use the exact same template to function as a portion of the split testing webpages in a different funnel.

Hope that helped! Have a look at our next article as we know how to change font colour in ClickFunnels!

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Thank you for seeing and see you guys soon!

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