Effective Communication Using Autoresponders

You must stay in touch with your customers and answer every question they may ask, or need they may have. It is part of building a relationship. A list of email addresses doesn't look like much, but it is the plate on which you put your bread and butter. With most good autoresponder systems / programs you can tell immediately when you are doing something wrong, or not doing something at all, your opt-outs will increase. There will be a natural attrition anyway, as people needs are satisfied, but you really need to try to keep these prospects on your list – that way you can offer similar products that they may be interested in. But if the number is increasing to an unacceptable percentage you need to do something about it.

Regular email that contain useful information and free offers are the key. Do not bombard your list every day. Autoresponders can be personalized to make your prospect feel like his needs are being addressed.

When a subscriber opts, he should receive an autoresponder that thanks him, and you could offer a free bonus, or useful information that he will remember and appreciate.

If you customer has purchased a complicated piece of technology, send him tips for using that technology. By watching blogs, you can see where people are having difficulty with something, and you can answer, sending them through to your site for more information.

Autoresponders are fantastic marketing tools when used correctly. Once you learn how to set up and write good autoresponder messages, you can literally sit back and let your autoresponders do the work.

If you like to send your subscribers an email regularly, you can set up all the messages ahead of time.

There are a number of excellent companies that can do this for you:

GetResponse, Vertical Response, AWeber, TrafficWave, iContact, FreeAutobot, MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc. AWeber is the number one, followed by GetResponse and 1ShoppingCart in second and third, but they are all reliable companies ..

Some offer their services for free, up to a certain amount of subscribers. You can try all of them that way, then go with the one that suits you best.

You can set up as many autoresponders you want, and organize them into categories. You can do split tests, to see which are getting you the best responses / sales / referrals. Test and test again. Too many of the autoresponders sent out are not spell checked, badly formatted and look very amateur. That is simply from laziness. Make sure you check everything twice, put your brand on the message and make it precise and to the point. People barely read anything past a couple of sentences these days!

Capture people birthdays on your opt in form, have a field that asks what your customer is interested in and send an autoresponder before the holidays. You will be surprised how many people miss that opportunity. Depending on your business, you have the opportunity of capturing a lot of demographics on your opt-in form, that can be used later for even more targeted email marketing.

An autoresponder system can be set up easily and you can design email templates to perhaps look like your website. Sign up with a big company like Amazon.com and take note of how they do it.

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