How I Escaped The Cubicle Life

The transformation in the corporate existence to some free life is priceless, and the change from illusion to pleasure is mind boggling. 1 minute I had been running the hamster-wheel office lifetime, the second I had been in complete control over my time and financing. I showed my friends how I did it, and it's time to talk about it with everybody. So this is, the story of how I escaped the cubicle life.

The cubicle fantasy…

Until a few years before, I had occupations in many locations, which range from telecom businesses to trading giants. My entire life was penetrating the”normal” routine: school-job-marriage-kids and so forth.

Working around the clock became my only hobby. Exaggerated exhaustion was my usual condition. I moved overseas away from family and friends, to get a better paycheck. I conducted a systematic”nine to five” program for nearly a decade (“nine to five” ways”eight to eight” in corporate phrases…)

I believed I had been living the cubicle fantasy… the fantasy that painted the illusion I had everything.

Until it occurred! Questions began to flood my head like mad…

Is the world such a dull place that we will need to conduct a robotic lifestyle?

Can we mean to choose the”ordinary” life routine?

What else do I actually have to offer apart from my own time? Isn’t something better I could do with it?! …

I understood how rarely I watched my loved ones and friends and I had been spending just a few hours per day along with my girlfriend.

The wake-up telephone…

“To live is the rarest thing on earth. The majority of people just exist” O. Wilde

It all began when my girlfriend Alina and I moved to a 2-week holiday to Indonesia. The words of the Balinese man still ring crystal-clear in my ears:”I don’t know you, Westerners. “Why would you really keep doing so?!”

Initially, I didn’t pay much attention to such words soon after I started to understand that the man was totally perfect. Why am I doing so?!

Shortly after coming back home, we understood that we’ve got more important things to do: my girlfriend is enthusiastic about style, and I really like soccer. We love traveling, winter photography and sports. I had to behave! I needed to think of a strategy to escape the cubicle! Even if my research weren’t IT related, I understood that online planet was my very best chance. I began to research and immediately realized that Blog-Marketing was that the…

… Get from Cubicle card

“It is much better for a person to go wrong in freedom than to head directly in chains” T.Huxley

I hear myself:”# & You 39;re not a technical man, genius, just how do you want to construct a site?!” . Well, that's precisely why WordPress exists. For mepersonally, it's the ideal blog construction platform – # & it 39;s free and it's easy to use! When I could do it, then you can do it well, certainly no IT background is necessary!

Once # & I 39;ve spent time in a few learning tutorials plus a few very good internet advertising readings, # & I 39;t managed to sketch a prosperous Blog-Marketing company model.

Let's presume you begin a site in the photography market. In brief, here#39;s everything you have to do:

Write a fantastic post on photography. When writing isn’t your cup of tea, then outsource the composing process.

Put a few Facebook advertisements facing photography fans. When users click your ads, they’ll be instructed to your site. Between 10-20percent of those photography fans who click your advertisements will become your clients.

promote them a photography related merchandise (eg. Lens). Now is the best part: you don’t have to pre-buy or stock some merchandise. When clients click the”Pay” button, two things occur simultaneously: you may get your cash in your account AND the sequence will be sent into the drop-shipper, who’ll send the item right to your client. You don’t even get to find this item. Wonderful, it's it?

As your own followers foundation develops, use affiliates to earn money continuously. The likes of Amazon Affiliates are prepared to cover you fat contracts when individuals guided out of the site purchase their merchandise. You’ll also sell advertisements distance on your site to market even farther.

For me personally, this routine worked miracles. Over the first week, the above mentioned process bought my initial $ 2000 non-corporate bucks. In the beginning, I simply couldn’t believe it, but each day I was checking my PayPal balance brought me nearer to my”Get from Cubicle” card. With additional hard work and studying, I managed to enhance my advertising and advertising techniques and create much greater results.

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