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Amazon Video Direct Tutorial: How To Sell Your Indie Film About Amazon (Guide to selling your picture through Amazon Prime)

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It’s possible to earn money promoting your picture or videos that are short on Amazon by benefiting from a few of the largest marketplaces and many searched websites online.

Digital filmmaking has opened the floodgates to permit filmmakers from more or less any desktop to take part in the storytelling medium. Digital editing and camera technologies did so first, but today supply is opening up also.

Together with Amazon Video Direct, Amazon is facing off from Google’s YouTube for free, ad-paid movies, Facebook, Vimeo on Demand, VHX, Distriberr, Distrify, and several like it.

Amazon pays founders 50percent for rentals, electronic purchases and subscription prices. Creators that let Prime Video supply make royalties of 15 cents per hour merged from the U.S. and 6 pennies in different lands such as Japan, the united kingdom, and Germany.

Various manners your videos can Earn Money via Amazon Video Direct:

Videos accessible to Prime Video readers get a per-hour royalty fee.
Videos could be made readily available for lease or purchase.
Videos could be made available openly for free with advertisements, and you get a 55% share of their advertising earnings. (Much like YouTube)
Video Series could be marketed as a subscription via the Streaming Partners Program.

This video will walk you though the specialized prerequisites which are necessary to upload to Amazon Video Direct and proceed step-by-step on ways to have your movie up and available.

See our guide on How Best to make Closed Captions in Adobe Premiere:

We highly suggest using to make your Closed Captions for Amazon Video Direct:

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Want To Learn How To Sell On Amazon?

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