How to Setup Facebook Pixel Using Clickfunnels Late 2017

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How to Setup Facebook Pixel Using Clickfunnels Late 2017

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Utilizing Clickfunnels to monitor conversions is super important if you are into affiliate marketing. If you’re running Facebook ads rather than doing so then you’re missing out on tens of thousands of pounds using income!Today I instruct you just how to set up Facebook pixel monitoring on a Clickfunnels site / sales funnel / webinar in overdue 2017.

Bear in mind which you will need to bring the precise occasion to every page you are seeking to monitor – that is indeed Facebook understands what is doing. This becomes really valuable from the future!If that you’ prefer to find out more about creating funnels that you can always reserve a coaching call with me in the link above.

If you become confused with Facebook pixels then simply reach outside or make a comment below!

On ClickFunnels:
– Click edit to the page You Would like to instal your pixel
– Go to Settings and then choose Tracking Code
– From the initial box (Header Code) you glue your own Facebook Pixel and Event Code
– Save page

On Facebook
– Proceed to Ad Manager
– Use drop down to pick Facebook pixel
– Click’setup’ on the Ideal hand side
– Pick the code alternative
– Duplicate pixel code and then embed into click funnels
– Press next
– Pick event type
– Duplicate code and paste in to clic funnels below the former pixel code.

– Download Facebook Pixel Helper
– Instal on chrome browser
– Load page
– Click on the extension to inspect the pixels are functioning.

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  1. Hey bro whats up, i know its not the video related, but anyway, im creating a landing page for droppshiping with wix is that a good idea rather than shopify, and do i have to do a diferent page for each niche? Because i will experiment first i dont know what will sell good, man it will be awsome if you can help me out with some advise, because shopify is pause for now

  2. Hi there thanks for this video it was very helpful for the new way Facebook is going to be tracking via standard events! What I would like to know is, for my Facebook ads, do I still ad a custom conversion? And if so, is it any different than how I would haven normally added a custom conversion.

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