The way to Use Amazon Categories To Sell More Books With Alex Newton Out Of K-lytics

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It can be a replay of a live webinar I did with Alex Newton out of K-lytics lately about how to use classes and key words to sell more books. See below for time stamps and themes covered.


Video Time | Topics Covered:

00:01:20 Who’s Alex Newton?

00:04:05 Past the Kindle gold rush. The way K-lytics was born.

00:05:40 Truth concerning the Kindle self-publishing landscape now

00:07:30 Amazon Kindle earnings vs. ebook distribution

00:09:55 Amazon sales status and exactly what many Men and Women overlook

00:13:00 The fundamental formula supporting the Amazon sales ranking algorithm

00:15:40 What number one bestseller rankings actually mean

00:18:30 The Amazon class hierarchy clarified

00:19:47 Why reserve categories Are Crucial for your publication’s visibility

00:22:30 The Way Harry Potter utilizes classes for improved visibility

00:25:55 The highest-selling and worst classes on Kindle

00:30:00 Measure 1: Writer Goals – 2 basic questions researched

00:33:21 Step 2: Finding high-selling categories

00:33:47 The gap between bestseller lists and search results screen

00:34:48 Actual information: The Maximum selling Kindle subcategories

00:36:00 the Way to judge novels revenue trends – illustrations

00:38:00 Amazon book search hack: damaging search operators

00:40:00 Steü 3: The best way to equilibrium book supply and publication need

00:42:00 Instance: Gothic Romance vs. Romantic Erotica

00:44:15 Romance: functionality variations of 60 categories

00:44. 52 Science Fiction and Fantasy: out of markets to mainstream

00:45:45 Step 4: Finding classes that are easy to position in

00:46:45 Individuals gambling the Amazon Kindle class system

00:48:30 Measure 6 How to guarantee broad exposure of your publication

00:49:20 Instance: Bella Forrest – Novels with over 10 categories

00:50:00 Measure 6 Finding categories with a topical match with your publication

00:51:16 Amazon hack: How to Get all categories a publication is utilizing

00:55:17 the way to locate and get into these desirable categories?

00:56:00 BISAC Codes and KDP Dashboard vs. the Amazon storefront

00:59:30 The way K-lytics gets the study already performed for you

01:00:00 K-lytics genre demonstration

01:01:00 Novel trend and publication genre tracking

01:10:30 Live question and answer session

01:13:30 Average content of genre conventions

01:15:00 Top selling cover study example

01:16:00 More about K-lytics memberships

01:18:00 Publish book. ebook penetration by celebrity

01:20:00 Kindle hack: How to Ascertain the Specific magnitude of a class in 2018

01:25:00 the Way to guarantee sales status fluctuations don’t lead you astray

01:26:15 Total demo of a K-lytics genre convention content

01:29:00 Writer standing, class position, and wrap-up and contact info

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** I’m an affiliate K-lytics since I find the information useful and have used it for my book groups on Amazon. For any technical issues, please inquire Alex right: service AT k-lytics. com

Want To Learn How To Sell On Amazon?

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