Microsoft Ads: The best way to direct Connect Affiliate Products Without Getting Disapproved

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Hey all!

In this movie, I show you how you can direct connect affiliate goods (MaxBounty, ClickBank, PeerFly, etc.. .) On Bing advertisements using ClickMagick with no advertisements disapproved.

Clearly in the event that you’ve got your landing page and also are sending visitors to the affiliate supply page later, you shouldn’t have any problems doing this whatsoever.

The problem arises when you’re trying to direct link and Bing is telling you that there’s a URL mismatch or whatnot and you’re made to make a landing page.

It is amazing having landing pages, but occasionally we’re so lazy that we would rather simply direct link.

Consequently, if you’re using ClickMagick to market Bing, there are a couple of myths I wish to bust first…

1) you don’t require a customized domain name so as to market on Bing.

It is great using custom domains for a lot of reasons, but users Bing will not see your tracking connection, thus there’s actually no point in getting one for Bing especially.

It is possible to just use the ClickMagick default ( and use that as your tracking connection.

It’ll take much less work on your conclusion and the outcomes will be 100% exactly the same.

2) you don’t need to cloak your customized domain (should you opt to receive one) or the ClickMagick default domain (

In reality, cloaking will likely get you into more trouble than in case you do not – Bing will come across all sorts of destination mismatch mistakes and the like and it is just much better to steer clear of it completely for Bing. You really don’t want it.

3) you don’t need to make a’redirect’ route on your domain linking your customized domain (should you opt to receive one) for your affiliate supply.

All that’s done for you with ClickMagick, so why go through the excess work?

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let us proceed to Bing.

First off, I am assuming you have a monitoring link prepared in ClickMagick in which you place in your affiliate link in the principal URL and created a monitoring link from it which seems like’’.

On Bing, all you want to do is enter THAT monitoring link to the’monitoring template’ and include the further tokens that you would like to use to monitor key words, etc.. . I pay that in this movie:

What you enter the last URL is the grab – you have to place the precise URL that the user sees landing in your affiliate link. Can NOT enter your affiliate link into the last URL field.

If upon clicking your affiliate link the consumer lands upon a website that states’’, then you only have to add that URL into the’closing URL’ field interior of Bing.

Do not worry – you will still receive credit for the purchase since when users click on your website via Bing lookup results, they click on the tracking link, NOT that the last URL.

Along with your tracking link sends users to a affiliate link.

That is pretty much !

Just ensure you have the auto-tagging feature disabled under your account settings in addition to the shared library region, and you have nothing from the effort level monitoring template. You simply need the monitoring template for every individual advertisement degree, not the effort degree

That is it!

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Want To Learn How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

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