My Amazon”Best Supplier” Product That Just Does 2-3 Revenue every day

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In this video I discuss 2 of my Amazon listings that are the”Best Seller” within their class on Amazon.

This implies they’re the most popular selling product of the kind and within their class on Amazon. They have the small orange icon beside them in searches that show they’re a best seller. The thing about these nevertheless, they are not doing 50 units every day, they do 2-3 units per day.

The purpose of the video is that a few goods, even if the top seller on Amazon beating out the remainder of the contest, just have so much demand. Though I am selling more than anybody else, there is still just a couple of revenue your going to find every day, since there’s just a small number of folks appearing to buy this specific item.

This is not a item which has always just sold 2-3 units per day. Earlier on it was performing anywhere from 20-50 units each day. It is a bit of a fad or time sensitive merchandise so earnings have diminished over time and that I expect within another 6 weeks to a year that this item is going to be carried out.

What lessons can we learn from this?

1. Do your product study. Understand what the market cap for a specific product is. If a item just sells 10 units a month or $500 per month on eBay/Amazon, it is probably not a fantastic product to market as even in the event that you dominate the earnings of the item, there is just a lot of earnings out there up for grabs.

2. Not every product needs to be a homerun. Not every product must perform 20-50 components every day. On those two specific products I create a fairly good margin so although I am just doing 2-3 units every day that is still about $45 per product so both of these products alone do $80 to $90 daily in sales. Imagine if you had a dozen products that are similar. That is pretty good money.

3. While I am a massive fan of trying to obtain the home run goods, the products which are likely to perform 50 models each day. If your just starting out you might wish to think about going for the low hanging fruit to speak. Proceed after the goods that can earn money, but that perhaps are not necessarily likely to have a whole lot of competition because the earnings stats are somewhat lower and there is not quite as much money to be produced.

Want To Learn How To Sell On Amazon?

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