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Promoting Notebooks & Low Content Paperback Books On Amazon
Easily upload laptops and also offer them on Amazon. No design or publishing expertise necessary. Utilize CreateSpace to upload novels in moments and offer them on Amazon. No design or publishing expertise necessary.

Selling laptops on Amazon via CreateSpace has become the simplest and best side business I have begun at the past 10 years.

I began producing the novels in April. In May, I offered approximately 20 and created about $20. Back in June, I offered almost 250 units and just made just over $100 (I realised that I had to put up my prices!)

In JulyI offered 450 units and created within $530. And all that with less than 250 novels in my personal catalog. I have not seen that a trajectory such as this at a new company before. Ever.
WTF am I talking about?

To tell the truth, it took me some time to wrap my mind around this small business. I could not think that individuals would spend . 99 on a hundred paged sterile paperback. However they do.
Which are the goods, just?

Say you’re developing a laptop, you literally provide a record of 100 webpages of lines people are able to write in. You also need to design a pay and make a product page on Amazon and that is it!

But, I am also speaking about”low content publications” that are publications such as diaries, logbooks and journals. There are many niches on the market.

Basically any publication where the material could be rather easily created instead of a publication where you really have to sit down and write the damn thing. (And, in the event that you truly wish to write a novel, I’ve another course on this!)
Therefore, it’s simple then? You simply need to upload a laptop with a pretty image on it?

No! To be Prosperous in this company there are just two things You Have to do:

Identify niches/keywords which have sufficiently large demand and low competition to earn publications for
Create visually attractive book covers

The niches/keywords are located by searching on Amazon and employing a couple Chrome extensions. The fact that numerous products can be made very quickly usually means you should not spend weeks on this. But you realise the energy of key words on Amazon.
You can get it done!

You do not have to spend any cash to get this done! I will show You How You Can do everything:

You simply should get an account on CreateSpace. (This can be installed quickly as long as you run from among those 100 countries which are permitted to market on Amazon).
I provide a few Microsoft Word templates to get you moving with the insides.
The covers can be produced with free applications like Canva.
And I will explain to you the way you can do the niche/keyword study on Amazon.

What exactly are you waiting for?

Want To Learn How To Sell On Amazon?

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