Udemy? Amazon? Membership Website? Selling Ebooks and Video Courses Online

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— the way to produce passive income promoting video lessons on the internet.

I am getting lots of mails from those that are quite daunted — they wish to market ebooks and video lessons on the internet. They wish to make passive income. And they’re asking me how to get it done.

Can they opt for Udemy? Can they sell in their own website? Can they opt for Amazon?

I really do have info on my website about how to do so and also a free class, if you’re interested.

However, to answer the question what can I do . Can I really do Udemy first? Or do I really do Amazon first? Or do I construct my website first?

The solution is you must do everything but do not do all of it at one time.

Therefore, by way of instance, I offered my video lessons on Udemy first. Udemy makes it very simple for you. And preparing a membership website to market video classes is something which I found quite tricky to perform.

EBook publishing is a bit simpler on either side. Promoting a PDF in your site is rather simple to establish. Publishing on Kindle which are technical issues but you can surmount them fairly easily.

And, I would not state which one that you ought to do . It’ll be up to you exactly what you truly feel comfortable with.

Now, do you print everywhere? Well, yes you can.Udemy does not insist on some exclusivity. Some online learning programs do but the majority of them do not and Udemy is your largest.

Together with Amazon, they do not insist on exclusivity. However there’s one significant point here. If you would like to register with KDP Select and Amazon which makes it very appealing for you to accomplish this, they provide you advertising resources for example free giveaways and countdown bargains etcetera. If you would like to register on KDP Select subsequently the ebook needs to be exclusive to Amazon. Consequently, if you would like to market that ebook in your website you want to rewrite it and give it a new name.

Aside from that, you are able to print everywhere. It’s possible to print free in your site, free on Udemy, free on Amazon with KDP Select. And you’ll be able to find a massive audience that manner. You may also of course print premium classes on Udemy, premium classes on your website and promote ebooks on Amazon on different ebook selling websites in addition to your own.

Hence the solution is that you can do everything.

But do something at one time!

And do it! Do something now — compose that ebook, make that movie training course, set it on a stage or get started selling on your site.

And remember free content wins each time — once you collect email addresses.

Want To Learn How To Sell On Amazon?

Click Here To Get Free Video Training

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