What’s ClickFunnels?

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What’s ClickFunnels: 0:26

The ClickFunnels design inside: 1:51

The Way to add a fresh funnel: two:08

A Couple of sample templates: 3:06

Within a landing page: 4:43

Why does everyone keep talking about CLICKKFUNNEELLSSS??????

What could it be?!?!?!?!?

Well, that is what I have been sent to the earth to tell ya.

ClickFunnels is an application which permits you to make a series of pages (called a funnel) – like landing pages (also referred to as opt-in pages or squeeze webpages ), traffic pages, thank you pages, etc.. ) . All linked to one another.

These could be used by everyone and anyone, including musicians, attorneys, physicians, and also you!

One of my buddies is a lawyer and he uses this for his webinars… Rather a powerful instrument!

ClickFunnels additionally allows integration involving other affiliate marketing tools, for example GetResponse (that we’ll go over in afterwards posts/videos), also monitors your contacts also may send auto-emails.

It’s very, very simple to use, and incredibly intuitive. You literally click a button to fit exactly what you would like. You may take a look at this article if you would like to see how I make my own landing page from scratch with no template on ClickFunnels!

If you’d like a tour of ClickFunnels, please see the movie above as I reveal about what is behind the ClickFunnels doorways and exactly what it seems like as you style.

Check out my other YouTube video in which I produce a sample landing page on ClickFunnels Using a haphazard ClickBank offer:

Do not need to see my face or hear me speak?

No problem! Read everything in my site at:

My apologies to people who watched all my how-to videos have been already did their ClickFunnels research – that I must have put this movie in first!

However, ClickFunnels is a really fast, simple, and efficient way to receive your landing and earnings pages on the market with minimal work. It is quite intuitive and pretty much has every feature you want.

If you enjoy how ClickFunnels functions, you can try that free 14-day trial in my affiliate link:

Thank you for watching and I will see you next time!

Click Here To Try Clickfunnels For 100% Free

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  1. Hi 😉 I want to start blogging on CF. It's very easy to make posts look proffessional so I decided I'll try to do it. But it's not that simple as I thought it'd be. Can you do a tutorial about that? How to start a blog with CF? How to make good template? How to add posts that are in a chronogical order? How to do "Top 5 viewed posts"?
    I would really appreciate it. And I think you would be one of the first ones to talk about it 🙂

  2. Wanted to buy Click Funnels (been using super buggy insta builder all this time) so I went through a few of your vids to find your affiliate link to purchase. 😉

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