Why We Sell CDs on eBay vs Amazon

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From the fifth bonus movie associated with our tutorial about selling used audio CDs on eBay, I discuss why people promote single audio CDs on eBay instead of this conventionally-embraced Amazon.

When determining where to sell CDs online, there are numerous points to think about. To begin with, there’s reduced marketplace saturation (less competition) on eBay to get CDs.

Second, eBay has attracted the online collector neighborhood, and it is these people who cover infrequent and other more precious CDs (as talked about in this tutorial).

And in the end, the capacity for vendor differentiation is a lot greater on eBay than it’s on Amazon. I demonstrate this last point during the next half of this movie. We hunt for the exact same CD on both Amazon and eBay, and I show you that the enormous differences between both. In addition, I demonstrate how much simpler and time-effective it’s to navigate on eBay.


Lesson 1: Do Not Be skinnier, Be Better

Measure 2: The Best-selling CD Types

Lesson 3: Assessing the Unusual CD

Measure 4: CD Condition Grading and Much More

Measure 5: Our CD Pricing Plan

Lesson 6: Accepting Quality Photos

Lesson 7: The Complete CD List

Lesson 8: Transport a CD Safely with USPS

Lesson 9: Best Way to Ship Multiple CDs

Lesson 10: Tips for Selling into CD Collectors

Bonus #1: Overview of Discogs.com’s Catalog Number Database

Bonus #2: What Can the”AAD” or”ADD” Logo in an Audio CD Mean?

Bonus #3: What’s an Enhanced Music CD or”ECD”?

Bonus #4: How Can Be a Digipak Different compared to a CD Jewel Case?

Bonus #5: Why We Promote CDs on eBay vs Amazon

Bonus #6: The Very Best Way to Boost a Big CD Collection

Bonus #7: Where We Get Our CDs to market on eBay

Bonus #8: Our Entire eBay Camera Setup for Photographing CDs

Bonus #9: Why You Ought to Not Use the Default eBay Listing Title

Bonus #10: Transport CDs Internationally

Bonus #11: Would You Ship CDs USPS Media Mail?

Bonus #12: Can Be Selling CDs on eBay Legal?

Bonus #13: Promoting Copied, Burned, and Bootleg CDs on eBay

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