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Last month we seen Advidi’s headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our hosts have been their VP Marketing & Communications – Petar and their VP International Strategic Partners – Mark. Because of the quantity of fascinating details that they discussed with us, we have decided to print the meeting in two parts.

In part 1 Petar explained how one of the biggest affiliate programs operates from within out. Advidi’s vision is to produce the operation advertising personalities of their long run, therefore their key goal for a staff is to help others in their way to achievement. It turns out that you do not need capes or leggings because of that.

Petar also shared several facts concerning the organization’s rebranding that was carried our lately and told us that the story of the way Advidi’s emblem became the world’s first emblem made by means of an algorithm.

From the affiliate marketing planet, private connection play a critical part. #Advidi is putting an example of honesty and transparency at the interaction between individuals and businesses.

Watch the remainder of the movie to get more insight into the remarkable business!
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1:00 – Advidi corporate culture and how it affects the business;
04:20 – The center value of Advidi;
06:26 – What’s transparency significant for its affiliate marketing industry;
13:31 – Branding as a driving force of a business;
14:30 – Hiro among the first logos on Earth created by an algorithm;
24:06 – Placing the sense of BELONGING;
24:40 – Everything you are unable to afford, however much cash you’ve got. Advidi personal collection;
27:26 – Exactly what Advidi stand for (brand manifesto);
39:09 – It is time to fulfill VP Global Strategic Partnerships;

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