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the Way to Assess if your Amazon or Amazon FBA Product is Position for a Particular Keyword?

Hey guys, been a little while since I”ve finished any Amazon or Amazon FBA videos. The sole new PL product I have rolled out lately is a summer merchandise, I do not actually have anything else I am rolling out and nearly all of my products are far more term merchandise I have been selling for decades so havn’t actually made any new movies in a little while. I’ll be creating a few videos concerning retail arbitrage and promoting other people’s products today that we are going right into Q4 here. I am going to be creating a bigger push into a new Private Label products that this winter too so I will do some movies as I get more into that.

The fast tip I wished to discuss with you guys now is the way to check if your Amazon merchandise is ranking for particular keywords and phrases. Currently there are programs out there which can allow you to run checks just like this but what is cool about this way is that your only using Amazon, zero softwares needed.

I must give credit where credit is due, picked this tip up from Tanner Fox at a recent movie.

So here is exactly what your going to perform. Your going to locate your goods ASIN amount and cut and paste it. Your afterward likely to go over to Amazon and plug it in the search bar. Be certain that your hunting all Amazon rather than a particular category.

Your moving to type on your ASIN number, then the plus sign free of distance, then a key word that you need to test. I will provide you an illustration from this movie below…


If we’re rank for the keyword that our merchandise is going to appear in search. If weren’t rank for the key word our merchandise will not appear. It is possible to see in the true movie a good illustration of the but what I’d wish to do is type in the case above, ie ASIn and sign and after that key word and continue on to try distinct keyword phrases. Several other examples are…


Anyhow men, pretty straight ahead. The main reason that is more significant today than previously is Amazon is restricting us to 200 personalities value of key words so your going to get to be targeted with all the key words we use. Additionally, you do not have to use many key words for plurals therefore the term”slice” such as will cover”slicer”,”slicers” etc, I do not have to last type in precisely the exact same word and longtail key words in plural form as just one kind rankings for everything. Should you continue to use plurals your basically just wasting your 200 characters.

Hope that helps you out Amazon sellers on the market.

See ya next time!!!!

Want To Learn How To Sell On Amazon?

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