How to Make Money Online Without Working For It

Today I intend to speak with you regarding exactly how you can ensure that you never need to function another day in your life.

The entire school-work-retire cycle (in my modest, yet always spookily accurate opinion) truly sucks.

You have to examine for years at school, after that go out as well as ultimately function for around 50 years and also retire when you ' re as well old to enjoy it.

As well as let ' s face it, no person truly intends to experience all those years of functioning simply to end up where you actually intended to be the whole time, which is having the time to do whatever you want.

Well what happens if I informed you that you put on ' t need to wait to have what you desire? You can have the moment to do whatever you want now and also not have to work for years on end.

Audio difficult? Well it ' s not as well as I ' ll verify it.

Let me ask you something.

What do these 3 individuals share?

  • Stephen King
  • Isaac Asimov
  • Steve Jobs

None benefited a living

Yes they all had jobs, but they didn ' t have to function.


Because they loved what they did. And also if you like what you do, after that it isn ' t job, it ' s a pleasure.

Stephen King is a writer. He composes books. Most of his books have actually been made into films.

He additionally creates narratives (although they are a lot more like short novels). A number of his brief tales have been made into movies also (think Shawshank Redemption)

Why have many of his publications and stories been made into films?

Due To The Fact That they ' re excellent.

Why are they Excellent?

Due to the fact that he likes writing. He ' s passionate regarding writing. That ' s why he ' s been creating novels for all his adult life, despite the fact that he ' s so abundant he doesn ' t demand to compose any longer.

However he loves writing a lot that he doesn ' t want to quit.

Will he retire?


You don ' t relinquish something you love doing since it ' s not work.

It ' s passion.

Also the late Isaac Asimov was enthusiastic about composing. He edited 400 books during his creating life which corresponded to regarding one publication a month.

How did he create so much and also for so long?

He just liked to write. He was enthusiastic regarding creating.

And Also what about Steve Jobs?

We all understand he was Chief Executive Officer of Apple Computers.

He as well was enthusiastic concerning what he did as well as he did it until he came to be also ill to lug on.


Once Again, since he enjoyed what he did. To him his task was his life. Everyone claimed he was a nit-picker at what he did. That ' s due to the fact that he was so enthusiastic concerning his work.

Steve Jobs was rich. He did not need cash.

He kept going to “” work”” daily since to him, it was not work.

What Happens If you could do the exact same as well? What happens if you could discover a method to establish your own online service, rapidly, merely, as well as absolutely free and start making money without having to ' job ' for it?

Working this method means you can function from anywhere, pick your very own hours to work, and your revenue can be infinite, since it all depends totally on you. You will be in control of every little thing benefiting on your own without any commuting and also no manager to response to.

And that ' s what Living the Laptop Computer Way Of Life is everything about.

It ' s concerning selecting something you ' re enthusiastic about and also building an on the internet business around it.

By doing this, you ' ll awaken ecstatic every morning as well as eagerly anticipate sitting down with your laptop for a couple of hours and doing what you like.

Can you picture just how great it ' s going to be when you ' re living your dream?

And also today is the day that you ' re mosting likely to begin producing. Your own Laptop computer Way of living and also start living life on your terms.


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