Stay-at-home Mother Earns 6 Statistics Selling on Amazon FBA

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This week, on The Amazon Files, we spoke to some very special stay-at-home mother who participates in all sorts of different entrepreneurial jobs and landed Amazon FBA where she earns six characters doing what she enjoys. This journey wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows that have many turns and twists along the road.

Everybody’s motives for beginning a stay-at-home company differs. It can be that you’re laid off or you’re operating an 80-hour week that’s generating strain and stress, and endangering your lifestyle. Perhaps you hate office politics, are being micromanaged, or just don’t enjoy being told that you have to do that. Every one these reasons likely have you wondering exactly what you have to do in order to become another Amazon seller success story.

These days, we discuss Amy’s success story as a stay-at-home mother who makes six-figures selling Amazon FBA. She shows the ups and downs of her career, such as working for businesses, selling on eBay, and conducting an Amazon company. Amy also highlights the learning process and highlights the significance of finding somebody to support the travel of building a company and creating pivots to come across the’in an ideal world’ lifestyle.

“If you find someone or meet someone who’s where you’d love to understand your company moving, offer to take them to get a coffee and have a dialogue together.” – Amy Feierman

This week on the Amazon Files:

● Amy’s entrepreneurial journey.
● Being a mother and also the motivation behind doing something on your own.
● The stay-at-home jobs that Amy attempted before beginning an Amazon company.
● The constraints of being an eBay seller and the measures you can take to increase.
● Taking your own time and studying the procedures of Amazon marketing.
● Locating support, a mentor, specialist, or liability friend.
● Making pivots and the best way to conduct a six-figure company on one day per week.


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