US taxation for non US businesses selling on Amazon

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Among the most frequent questions we get at Bobsled Marketing from businesses located outside the united states is about the tax consequences of selling their goods on Amazon. Individuals or businesses that are established outside the US should understand whether they must pay US federal income tax, state income taxation, and state sales taxes.

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In this video interview with US Tax Attorney, Stewart Patton, by, we dive in the next questions:

* For brands that are already found in non-US markets, what sort of US thing, if any, if they set up if intending to start & promote goods in america on

* Are non-US entities / people selling on Amazon ONLY, subject to US income taxation? How about state sales taxation?

* Can that alter if the manufacturer also determines their own ecommerce shop?

* How can you find that the US taxation system changing from the future when it comes to non-US brands participating in e-commerce?


Skip to what things to you:

03:05 – if non-US businesses set a US legal entity (corporation, LLC, etc) to begin advertising on Amazon?

06:12 – what kinds of taxes are firms selling on Amazon needed to cover?

08:36 – The 3 branches of the US legal system and the way they inform tax legislation & Stewart’s interpretation of whether employers should be paying US federal income, state income, and state sales taxes.

09:40 – The way the interpretation of”Engaged in a Trade or Business” influences brands selling Amazon.

15:19 – Remedy of State Income Taxes for non-US businesses selling in the US on

17:28 – Remedy of Condition Revenue taxes for non-US businesses selling in the US on

20:57 – VAT vs US State sales tax – a reasonable comparison?
The two State sales taxes and VAT are consumption taxation. However they do differ in a few important ways.

22:40 – The best way to consider US federal income taxation as soon as your organization is established in a high-tax authority, for example some European nations.

24:08 – Stewart’s prognosis on the taxation system for e commerce.

26:45 – What are the taxation consequences based on the sort of US legal entity that’s set up – a Corporation, or LLC?

I hope this interview answered a few of the burning questions that you have in case you are a non-US business or person looking to offer your new products on In case you’ve got a query for Stewart, add it in the comments section below. You might also find him at which you are able to ask for a consultation.

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Want To Learn How To Sell On Amazon?

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